Over the last few years unplugged ceremonies have become more and more popular, yay!

But with the recent events there has been a wave of live streaming ceremonies to guests who can’t attend.  While others have been asking guests to take phone photos to share more or less straight away.

I would love to know your opinion on this. Are you planning to have a social distancing wedding? Will you be live streaming the ceremony or encouraging guests to photograph the ceremony?

When it comes to the wedding day I personally don’t think there is anything wrong with your guests taking photos, of the cake, group photos – that they aren’t in plus all the fun in between, who doesn’t love a selfie?! But when it comes to your ceremony you want your guests to be fully engaged.  Emotionally connected to that moment as you commit to each other as a couple.


Having an unplugged also means that you will get to see people’s faces as you walk back up the aisle, not their phones.


I would even say this extends to your first dance too. You will want to see everyone’s faces, their expressions. Enjoying the moment! Not to mention this looks so much better in your official photographs!


I have added a special little extra to all my wedding packages moving forward.  Whether your plans have been affected by this pandemic or not, all my wedding packages now include next day sneak peeks. This means that you wake up the morning after your wedding to a mini collection of photographs from your wedding day. You can  share them with any of your guests that couldn’t be there, or guests that where and want to relive all the fun!