Eloping is an incredibly romantic and intimate way to get married.  

If you’re thinking of eloping, I hope this blog gives you a little insight into some of the practicalities and legalities of it but also fills you with inspiration when it comes to planning your own!


What Google says – The technical meaning of eloping is to “run away secretly in order to get married”, there’s lots more nuance to the definition today. The new understanding of eloping is more accurately a couple travelling somewhere to legally get married, without telling or inviting many of their friends and family, if any!

From saving money to avoiding family politics, there’s plenty of reasons why you might choose to elope and it’s pretty much up to you how you do it. Whether you choose the UK or abroad. You can have a few friends or family with you as witnesses or do it completely in secret. You can have a fuss free elopement or follow it up with a huge party.

Legal Requirements

Unfortunately, you can’t elope quite as easily and spontaneously as you see in the movies.

You have to ‘give notice’ to marry at your local registry office at least 29 days before, which includes details of your final venue. This means you’ll need to know where you intend to marry.

You can give notice outside the UK to marry in the UK if the country is part of the British Subjects Facilities Act (find a full list of countries here) and your partner is a UK citizen.

You also need two witnesses to legally marry in the UK. These can be strangers, people you know, or even staff at the registry office or venue. As your photographer I could even be one of your witnesses!

The Details

Decide what you want your ceremony to look like. Do you want a destination vibe on a beach or in a forest? Or is the city more your style?

Do you want to keep any traditions like exchanging rings or carrying a bouquet?

Have your cake and eat it

Once you’ve tied the knot you’ll want to celebrate. This could be an elaborate meal for the two of you, a champagne reception with all your friends and family, or a small event with some of your closest loved ones.

The way you announce your marriage is completely up to you.

The Suppliers

Venue – Menier Lounge
Planner – AVE Creations
Photographer – Ami Louisa Photography
Flowers – AVE Blooms
Cake, cookies & macaroons – At Your Wish Cakes
Brides Jumpsuit – Jesus Piero
Bridal Boutique – Bride Like Me
Champagne – Veuve Clicquot
Stationary – Smitten with ink
Hair & Makeup – Kirsty Louise MUA
Ring and Jewellery – Jessica Wilson Limited

Planning your wedding?