Why should we have a pre-wedding shoot?

Here’s five reasons why you should!

Reason #1

First things first it is a great way for you to get to know me! Get used to being in front of the camera and being gently prompted into poses.

Reason #2

Perfect way for me to get to know you.

How you are with each other? Are you super cuddly or not in to too much PDA. Understanding how you interact as a couple will lead to much more natural, effortless photographs on your wedding day.

Reason #3

A great way to add personal touches to your wedding décor! Framed photos on your gift/thank you table, save the dates, welcome signage. The possibilities are endless.

Reason #4

Your engagement is such a fleeting part of your love story and can be overshadowed with wedding planning at times. Pre-wedding shoots document this special moment in your lives and leave you with beautiful images to cherish.

Reason #5

It is the perfect excuse to get dressed up and spend some quality time together. Why not make it into a full date night evening!

Want to have your own couples photos?