Group shot guide

Keeping your group photos to a minimum keeps the day flowing, prevents forced smiles and sore cheeks. Plus lets you get back to the fun of mingling quicker!

Group photos are not a 30 second job. They can take at least 3-5 minutes per shot. Believe it or not, people tend to go missing, checking into their rooms, grabbing a drink at the bar or even just sometimes your mum or dad they think ‘oh I’m just going  to go say hello to -insert aunties name here- ‘ and then they’re walking off and they can’t hear you calling them back. It happens!

I recommend somewhere between 8 to 12 group shots. 

You want to have enough time to be mingling with your guests, enjoying a drink and a canapé or two.

Couple portraits

A little reminder that we’ll need to keep a little bit of time aside for your couple photos too.   

I will steal you away for about 15 minutes and we can capture some really gorgeous, romantic shots of the two of you which is something that we don’t want to rush.

My recommended group shot list

  1. Everyone!
  2. Partner One immediate family
  3. Partner Two immediate family
  4. Partner One Parents,  plus Siblings
  5. Partner Two Parents,  plus Siblings
  6. Whole wedding party
  7. Bridesmaids
  8. Groomsmen
  9. Partner One with Maid/mate of honour
  10. Partner Two Best man/woman