As some who is regularly posing couples, guiding them to nail their pre-wedding photos and trying to make them feel confident in front of the camera. I thought it was about time I felt what it was like on the other side of the camera. So with the help of the amazing Sarah Daghestani Photography, we had a couple portrait session!

I felt so nervous, throwing half my wardrobe on the floor before the shoot and spending way too long doing my hair.

I was still feeling kind of awkward in the beginning. All my posing knowledge disappeared as soon as the camera was pointed at me!



I finally started to get into it.  With some help from Sarah, thinking more ‘go with the flow’ and accepting that I was actually enjoying myself.


There was lots of laughter and me mostly trying to hide my face

So here’s some of my top tips on how you can nail your photos, not only from a photographer perspective but also from the other side of the camera…


Weather appropriate clothing

I completely disregarded the fact it was cold and my fingers were going blue by the end of the shoot 😂

Comfortable and Confident

That being said you have to wear something you feel confident and comfortable in!

Remember the why

Why are you doing this? To remember this moment in your life, for pre wedding shoots you are marking your engagement or maybe its an anniversary shoot.

Be in the moment

It’s totally okay to feel a bit nervous or awkward! Just take a second to breath, hold your partners hand and centre yourself


Laughter makes everything better and there’s no better photo than one that captures real, genuine joy ❤️

Would you like a couples photoshoot?