Four Years

IB & Deji decided to celebrate their four year wedding anniversary with a picnic photo shoot in the park. So we headed to St Albans to create some more memories.

It was so lovely to listen to them talking about each other and their marriage.  They are clearly so in love and loving life.

The Picnic

Like all my romantic picnic photo shoots IB & Deji had the picnic blanket, white and pink cushions and picnic basket. Not forgetting the Prosecco, strawberries and roses!

But just look at the way they look at each other.

In their own words

“I feel so lucky that we found Ami to take our photos. They are so beautiful and completely capture exactly what I wanted. it was an absolute joy to pay Ami because she’d done such an amazing job. she was super accommodating of our schedules, easy to work with and you can just tell she cares. I know who to come to capture our love every now and again.”

Would you like a photoshoot to celebrate your anniversary?