I truly believe family photos are such an important heirloom. Particularly natural family photos, where your personality shine through.

Your children will grow up so fast, blink and you’ll miss it.
The wonderful moments where they’re missing their two front teeth. Or the year they finally fit into their older siblings hand-me-down coat.

What to consider

I have a long list of locations I love to use for family sessions but if you have a park or place you like to visit as a family we can look into using that!

What you wear plays a bit part in how you feel looking back at the photos. Once you book your session with me, I will send you a Pinterest board and tips sheet with full clothing guidance for the time of year.

How to prepare

Tell your little ones you’re going to meet an old friend. We’re going to have a wonderful time walking around the park and taking some photos.

Don’t worry about ‘practising smiles’ we’ll be laughing the whole way through that I don’t ever say ‘smile’!

And we can’t forget you, parents!

Give you children the gift of a photo of you, they will love it, especially in years to come.

Thinking about updating your family photos?