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Winter Pre-Wedding Clothing Guidance

I have created Pinterest board to hopefully help give you a few ideas on what to wear for your winter pre-wedding shoot.

All the photos in this blog are from the Pinterest board.

1. Compliment, don't match!

It is really important that as a couple your clothing complements one another but doesn’t match!

For example, the first photo is lovely but there could be so much more interest in the image, like the second photo.

Matching outfits or big patterns just aren't ideal for portraits, they can be a big distraction and we want the focus to be the connection you share with each other rather than the big logo or a crazy pattern that you’re wearing.

2. Neutral colours are a great place to start

Pastels and neutral tones are a really good start if you are struggling to choose on a colour palette.

Here are a few examples of neutral tones;

3. Balance out red

Something else to consider, the eye is drawn to the colour red so if one of you really wants to wear a red dress or shirt I would suggest trying to balance it out and your partner to wear a splash of red too.

The clearest example of a way you could do that is the image below of the couple wearing a red dress and complimenting red hat. Alternatively, it can also be done in a more subtle way like the second image of the red shirt poking out of his jumper, complimenting her red dress and nail varnish.

4. Accessorise

Feel free to accessorise too. Having an accessory for you both means you can easily take it on and off which is a great way to add some variety to your images. This could be something as simple as a scarf or jacket.

5. Feel good, Look good

If you feel good, you are going to look good and enjoying looking back at your photos. Why not treat to a blow dry the morning of your pre-wedding shoot or even organise a hair and make trial for the morning.

6. Classic not trendy

Another tip is to go for something classic rather than a trendy look.

We all have that one item in our wardrobe that we adore but …. Will we still love it in a year’s time or 10 years from now!?

Just like your wedding your pre-wedding shoot will also create images that you look back on and the last thing we want is to look back at the photos and think “what was I wearing!!!”

I know I’ve done that a few times!

View the full Pinterest board by clicking the image below

I hope you found this helpful but as always if you have any questions regarding your shoot you are always welcome to get in touch and ask me!