Proposal at Home


Ankit originally wanted to propose to his girlfriend on holiday but after all their holiday plans were being either postponed and cancelled, he just didn’t want to wait any longer.

As they were buying their first home together he decided that this would be the perfect place to propose.

And I couldn’t agree more!


Keeping the fact, he had picked up the keys weeks before meant the first time Karina was able to actually go to their new home was the night Ankit was going to propose!

Thinking they were going to have a romantic dinner together, she actually walked into a room filled with candles, rose petals and balloons with photos and mementos of their relationship so far.

Giving her a minute to take it all in before Ankit gave a beautifully emotion filled speech, before saying those four words, Karina, will you marry me?

She gave him a whole hearted yes!

It was so magical and abundantly clear how in love they are and I am so happy for you!

Congratulations again you two!

Are you planning to propose?