Sprinkled with fairy lights, an abundance of flowers and a wintery chill in the air. This wedding at Rackleys Barn was simply magical.

The Ceremony

Set against those dreamy fairy lights that just make the whole room look like a fairytale.

The great thing about Rackleys Barn is the balcony at the back lends to some gorgeous full room shots. Just make sure you have a second photographer to capture this angle.

Drinks reception

Is there any better way to start the celebrations than with a menu of signature cocktails?

A favourite for each of you and one you both love will keep your guests entertained as they make their way through the menu, tasting each one.

Couple Portraits

Rackleys has such stunning spots for your newly wed portraits. Even the walkway to their car park is picturesque!

Dinner and Speeches

It’s called making an entrance for a reason and this is how you do it!

Napkins in the air and all the cheering your guests can muster.

Be the vibe!

Sweet Treats

Why have a cake when you can have a doughnut tower and a whole table of sweet treats!


Under a twinkling canopy of fairy lights, everyone gathered for a magical sparklers moment.


Venue: Rackleys Barn

Photography: Ami Louisa Photography

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