Singing waiters without fail always bring the energy to 100% and they are such a fun way to move from the wedding breakfast on to the reception. Or in this case, calm some nerves going into the speeches.

Hiding in Plain Sight 

Singing Waiters are super secret, hiding in plain sight blending in with the actual waiters as they serve your drinks and canapés.

It’s not until the very last moment that you even suspect what they are really there for.

They’ll make a scene or cause some ‘staged’ trouble all to draw attention to themselves before the big reveal!

In this case it was a loud and obvious stumble in front of the top table that caused a lot of guests great concern for the ‘waiter’ who had just been tripped up…

The reveal

As they start to stand from their terrible fall, the microphone comes out, the music starts and we’re off.

The realisation, laughter and cheers erupt!

Guests are dancing on chairs, swaying their arms and singing along to all the classics.

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