I adore watching sunsets and there is something so peaceful about watching the sun set. Not forgetting the beautiful colours and dramatic clouds the end of the day can bring.

In the words of Shakira 

If we have the opportunity to shoot in dreamy golden hour on the day of your wedding I will make sure it happens for you!
*the opportunity that is, if only I could guarantee sunsets!

Sometimes this means slipping away for 10 minutes in between your dessert and speeches. Or maybe chasing sunsets is on the agenda between dinner and your first dance.

It all depends on the time of year.

Average sunset times:

Golden hour – the best time for photos is typically 45-60minutes before sunset.

January        4:20pm
February      5:15pm
March          6:00pm
April             8:00pm
May              8:45pm
June             9:20pm
July              9:15pm
August         8:25pm
September    7:15pm
October        6:10pm
November    4:15pm
December    4:00pm

Seasons have an impact on golden hour too. The best season for sunsets, in my opinion, are spring and Autumn.

Another way you can have a beautiful sunset moment is choosing to have your pre-wedding session during golden hour too.

And if you’re feeling nervous about being photographed, having a beautiful sunset to admire (as well as your partner) will totally help distract you.

Love sunsets too?