The morning of your wedding is going to have so many moving parts as everyone helps you prepare for the day. Whether its hair and make up artist setting up, your wedding party arriving, people trying to feed you so you don’t go hungry, there’s a lot happening.

Here is a little check list of things to set aside for your photographer so they can capture all your details and you can focus on getting pampered and ready.

  1. Dress / Suit
  2. Shoes
  3. Veil / Tie
  4. Jewellery / Hair accessories
  5. Watch / Cufflinks / Tie clip
  6. Bouquet charm / Lapel pin
  7. Perfume / Aftershave
  8. The rings and Ring box
  9. Vow books
  10. Save the date or Invitation

Also consider if there are any important items to you such as heirlooms, brooches, sixpences etc. these are always lovely to include as well.

One of my brides was so organised and had put everything in a box on top of her shoe box. It was perfect!

Also a little PSA…


  1. Remember to take the hair tie off your wrist
  2. Empty trouser pockets (put your phone in your jacket pocket)
  3. Eyelash glue works wonders to keep your necklace clasp at the back


Thank me later 😉

Let me know if you found this helpful!