My job as a photographer is to notice what is going on.
Capture genuine, authentic moments, not curate them.
Here are my tips on how to authentically have an opportunity for gorgeous wedding photos without turning the day into a photoshoot.

Don’t have too much emphasis on the photos! Yes, I said it.

Things should feel organic and go with the flow of the day.

Confetti lines
I feel these are best done for when you enter the drinks reception. After the two of you walk back down the aisle ask your venue to go off for a minute just the two of you. I’ll help your guests line up for confetti and then come and get you. This way you walk through the confetti line and start the drinks reception.
Family photos
Keeping family photos to a minimum is always the best option. Not having hundreds of individual family groups have their own ‘posed photo’ means more time for mingling during your reception and more organic photos.
Your time during your drinks reception is as precious as it is limited which is why I will always wait to do you couple portraits during the time that your guests are being seated for dinner. Making it more private and personal for the two of you plus you don’t miss out on anything.
Sometimes weather and seasonal timing means this can’t always happen but I will try to make work with your timeline as best as we can.
Make an entrance! You are the vibe on your wedding day, coming into your wedding breakfast with high energy, cheering, smiles will lift your guests and lead to gorgeous candid photos of your guests welcoming you in.
Evening reception
Plan when you’re going to have your outfit changed and don’t disappear for too long. your guests are more likely to dance when you are on the dance floor and a full dance floor means awesome evening photos.
First dance
This is a little bit of a personal preference but I think photos of the cake cutting and first dance and even more special when your guests can be seen. Think about asking your MC or DJ to ask your guests to surround the dancefloor.

If this sounds like the sort of wedding photos you want for your day, get in touch!