Reaching out to suppliers for your wedding can be equal parts daunting and tedious, sending the same information over and over again. Here is a template message with ques for all the key information most suppliers will need to save you time on back and forth.
And trust me, all your vendors will thank you for this too.
Remembering to include these key pieces of information will mean your vendors can respond to you faster and will limit the back and forth of emails or messages.
  1. Your names
  2. Wedding date
  3. Location(s) Getting ready, church/ceremony location, reception location
  4. Ceremony start time
  5. Number of guests/wedding party numbers
  6. Wedding vibe
  7. Your contact information – email & phone number
This is wedding template email is a general guide and you may want to add some personal touches like if you’ve been following them on Instagram or TikTok for a while (we love knowing this)
Send this to someone planning their wedding.

Another tip that I’ve found personally helpful while planning my own wedding is to have a dedicated wedding email address.

This way you can keep all your wedding correspondence in one place.

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