What Alice wore guest blog – Finding your dream dress

Clothes are powerful. Not just because they keep us warm and birthday suits aren’t particularly appropriate in the day-to-day, but because they are transformative. They have the power to turn a shy person into their most confident self, the power to communicate who we are and even influence our mood. Who isn’t uplifted by a surprisingly great outfit day?

So when it comes to finding your wedding dress, there is a moment where putting on the right gown can be magical. You’ll stand that bit taller, the shoulders will go back and you’ll quite possibly feel relieved and fizzy with excitement all at once. There’s often a change in the air almost – I’ve seen it hundreds of times and it’s fantastic.

How to get to that ‘moment’?

Read my Top 5 tips below

1) Imagine yourself on your wedding day. What ‘look’ do you love? Soft and romantic, modern and sophisticated, sassy and womanly? Try and put the feeling you want to achieve into a few words, find a bridal boutique which has a selection of gowns you may love, and tell your Bridal Consultant when you get there. She’ll love you for it.

2) Start shopping with at least 12 months to go or as soon as you have your venue, and make your decision with no less than 9 months to go. With 7 months to go, it’s tight. With 4-6 months left, you’re looking at Rush Fees to get your gown in time and not all options will be available to you. Allow 2 months for alterations.

3) Consider your figure. Do you love your tiny waist, but feel a bit self-conscious in other areas. Tell us and we’ll guide you to the right dresses and steer you away from the ones we know you’ll hate. This will ensure your confidence stays sky-high and we get on the right track quickly.

4) Bring the perfect VIPs, and no more than three. They should be friends or family who share your vision and taste (ideally). Often, brides are desperate to get a resounding YES from all in the room, but unless you share a similar taste in clothing, decor and life generally, it’s tricky to achieve. So don’t feel pressured, and bring those who you admire and admire you in return.

5) Try not to over shop. Ivory-blindness is a thing and looking at so many gowns that you feel completely confused is stressful. Once you have found your gown, don’t second, third and fourth guess yourself. Be thrilled, and get to work on shoes, flowers and hair. Oh, and beware taking photos.  Scrutinising pics after your appointment is rarely a positive experience. Trust how you looked in the mirror.

Ultimately, please don’t worry about a thing. Because it really will be alright. You’re about to enter into a commitment with someone you love, in front of people you love, and the ideal dress will enable you to feel relaxed, happy and confident. Once the gown is in your size (samples can’t fit everyone), perfectly tailored with hair and make-up done, the dress you loved

in the boutique, becomes even more fabulous.

For more info on appointments, check out our FAQs on whataliceworebridal.com where you’ll find info on when to start shopping, the purchasing process and how to book in.